Restoring Derby Canyon

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Take to the Hills repaired  the long-neglected Derby Canyon trail In Berkeley.  Now we are restoring native plants along the trail and repairing nearby paths.  

Our Work



For decades the trail in Derby Canyon was unmaintained and dangerous. Steep slopes, deep ruts, narrow footing and poison oak kept most people off the trail. 

Take To The Hills formed in 2015 and sought permission to repair the trail. It took four winters to finish the work .



Today the trail is heavily used and much loved. We installed nearly 300 locally-milled eucalyptus treads and widened most of the trail. 

We removed invasive French broom near the trail, thistles from the surrounding meadows and installed trailside benches and a bridge over Derby Creek.

Restoring Natives


Now that the trail is in good shape we are turning our attention to the plants along the way. Most of the plants in the canyon are non-native, many invasive. 

We weed intensively to give the resident natives a chance to reproduce and we plant locally adapted seeds and seedlings.

Donate to Take To The Hills

We are raising funds to restore native plants along the trail. We purchase seeds and locally grown native plants.